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Please report any problems with this application to our office a 316-321-9600. Thank you.

New and Improved Usage Data

We are excited to announce the new Billing and Usage web site. You can access the new site through the Pay Online link from Butler.coop. Once you have logged into the secure site, click on the Usage and Billing Analysis. On this site, you can view your monthly/daily/hourly usage along with high, low and average temperature data. Please note that at this time, the new site does not highlight demand, but does a very good job reflecting kWh usage.

General Instructions

The first time you use this page, you will need your account number and meter number from you bill. On the first page, click on the word "here" on "Click here to setup or reset your password".

You will be asked to enter you account number, meter number, e-mail address and password. After clicking Submit, a page will display indicating whether your password was successfully or not. Once successful, click on the link to take you back to the login page.

On the login page, enter your account number, password and click on "Log in".

You will be directed to the page that allows you to select the month you want to display. Click on the drop down to select the month. Please note that only that past 90 days of hourly usage are available online. Once you have selected the month, click on "Show Usage".

The hourly usage will then be displayed. There are additional notes at the bottom of this page for printing tips. If you want to display another month, just click back on your browser and select another month to display.

One other note for those of you who may have multiple accounts. You will need to setup a password for each account. It can be the same password, but you will have to go through the setup process for each one.